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Hello. My name is Christie Grimm

I have been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years.

Through these years the level of client communication and quality service had a significant impact on clients loyalty and retention. Which is the usually a likelihood of clients to recommending me to their friends and family. Thereby I built my own data base with more then 1000+ clients and brands all around the Europe and the world.

Had various publications in magazines like:
  • Forbes USA
  • L'Official Brazil
  • Marie Claire Ukraine
  • Vogue Ukraine and others.
I have my own chart, which is actively gaining popularity in Europe.
During the process every day I get a large amount of questions from my clients worldwide about the make-up, cosmetics, beauty tips, accessories etc. Especially since I’m working with a lot of brides weekly.
For my clients in this purpose I created custom Beauty Book with 5.000 copies each season and digital version as well. Beauty Book includes the range of useful information: face charts, analysis of basic makeup supplies, beauty notes about the products they liked in the process, recommended brands and beauty products and much more. Clients absolutely in love with it.
Beauty Book
I can create aesthetic content for you...
My Instagram and YouTube I’m using as platform to communicate with all of the clients and auditory to providing them content with the latest news about beauty updates and more. My lifestyle which I broadcast and kindness which I distribute are surrounding me with the conscious clients. The clients loyalty and trust is a worthy goal and my personal achievement.
As additional skill, I would like to mention that I am also creating visual aesthetics for the brands in the Instagram, arranging the photo/video productions for professional content, fashion magazines and beauty brands.
I also provide beauty shopping services (shopping escort and cosmetics selection)
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I always determine what my clients think about the product or brand I suggest. Their views on brand serve as helpful information that brand can use to adjust business to fit their needs accurately. It’s drive sales, introduction to the highly active auditory and increase lifetime interest and value to the brand.
Today I'm going to share my favorite self-care products! So I invite you to dive into the world of beautiful jars!
I live in Paris but I work with around the world. Anyone who wants to know their appearance better, to learn about morning and evening rituals, about useful life hacks on the topic of beauty and self-care - welcome....
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Publications in magazines