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To be honest, majority of questions are quite similar, so I decided to develop a Beauty Book, which could be helpful for every Lady.
Every day I get a nice amount of questions from Ladies worldwide: they are asking about the make-up, cosmetics, beauty tips, etc.
Beauty Book includes the range of useful information: face charts, analysis of basic makeup supplies (brushes, makeup base, care, etc.), techniques, Beauty Planner, and much more.
It is suitable for usage anytime and anywhere. The size of this book is so comfortable, that it can fit any bag. You can always take it to the brunch with your friends to exchange the beauty hacks and novelties in the fashion industry.
The Beauty Planner, included into this book, has a specific QR code: you can scan via your mobile phone and print it by yourself. This option is suitable for both: printing from mobile phone or laptop.
There is also a plenty of space for your own Beauty notes.
You can share your Beauty Book or Planner with a friend, with a family member, and with everyone whom you would like to help with skin care routine.
Beauty Book could be a great gift for any occasion, as an addition to the main gift, or a surprise for no reason.
Not revealing all my secrets, but will add, that you will be able to order my next creation - Beauty box very soon.

Just wait for the announcements…
Interested? Would you like to buy it?
This BEAUTY BOOK designed and inspired by Kristi Grimm. Inside you will find personal beauty planner, face charts, the list of best make up tools and much more.
The Price of the Book 12 €
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