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Checklist: updating your makeup bag for spring and summer

If you want to save the beauty generously given to you by nature, you should take care of yourself 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
by Kristi Grimm
The change of season is a good reason to buy new cosmetics. This article contains 5 beauty rules that can be really useful for you. Also, per the season, nude makeup doesn’t go out of fashion after a warm winter. Hydrated and sun-protected skin is on trend this year.
When there is warm outside, you don’t want to spend a lot of time wearing heavy makeup, which can easily deteriorate because of weather conditions. Fortunately, now there is an opportunity to create a stylish look with a minimum of makeup.

Don’t forget to add nude lipstick and beige shades to bright summer shades in your cosmetic bag. The “bare skin” effect and the “no makeup” make-up are always eye-catching. A skill like nude makeup in 7 minutes will become a lifesaver for you. And with the addition of a Cat Eyes-style arrow or the perfect red lipstick, daytime makeup becomes an evening one.
Skincare is first and foremost, makeup is a secondary matter. The main rule is that summer skincare cosmetics should be light. It is best to wash your face with cool mineral water.

Do not repeat the popular mistakes in cleansing: not washing your hands before washing your face; rinsing off makeup directly during cleansing; using cosmetics that are not suitable for your skin type; using hot water; overusing scrubs and peels, and wiping your face with a regular hand towel.

In summer, the skin (and the entire body) loses a lot of moisture. If you want to avoid this - you should drink clean water every day. Of course, moisturizers will help you to maintain the beauty of the skin.

However, moisture in spring and summer is not as intense as in winter. It is better to concentrate more on SPF protection, which helps protect the skin from sun exposure.

It is better to choose foundations with a lightweight texture while maintaining gentle, daily care. Pay attention to BB and CC creams.

BB cream is a beauty balm with a tonal effect, evens out the tone without creating a thick layer and without making the skin too dry.

The most important purposes of CC cream are moisture, light coverage, and basic correction of complexion, reducing the appearance of redness, age spots, etc.
It seems like nothing is easier than using sunscreen. But, still, you should know a few secrets, so you can not only protect your skin from the sun but also improve the quality of the skin. Сhoose a texture that suits your skin type, apply sunscreen after the care cosmetics, renew the protection layer every 2-3 hours, wash off the sunscreen just as well as you wash off your makeup.
A cosmetic bag is a thing that is always around! Here are the beauty products that are necessary and important for everyday use and help our skin look better.

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