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City of Love, Romance and my inspiration

I will confess my love for Paris and tell the secrets of Parisian women.
by Kristi Grimm
Paris turned out to be the best city to get to know me even closer; I had time for myself, and time to listen to my desires, to find new plans for which I always had no time before.
To be open to creativity requires the ability to use solitude constructively.
We must overcome the fear of loneliness, so I like to travel, sit for hours in a coffee shop alone, days of inspiration immediately appear, and with them ideas, new goals.

Paris helps with this, there are a million unexplored places, no matter how long you are here.
The most pleasant place where you can meet stylish Parisians, celebrities, and treat yourself to my favorite chocolat chaud (first video on the right side).
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Paris has always been the capital of fashion, although other cities such as New York, London, and Milan have not lagged behind. But Paris is more than just fashion.

So what is the secret of Parisians?

The fascinating beauty of French women ..... It is a widely acknowledged fact that Parisians are considered an example of elegance, sophistication, and romance. Many girls want to be like them. So how do they manage to look so good? Here are some secrets:

Natural makeup for the day and a bright accent for the evenings. Most French girls don't bother with contouring, leaving only bronzers and powders on the shelf. The secret to their shiny skin and even complexion is thorough grooming. Classic Parisian makeup tools include mascara, a little blush, and neutral lipstick. French women value their natural beauty very much, and while making the makeup look for the evening they simply add eye shadows, arrows on the eyes, or bright lipstick.
Casual styling for even more sophistication. The main feature of almost all French girls is slightly dishevelled hair. Thick curls or hair that is too smooth is definitely not their choice. Besides, they do not like to use accessories in their hairstyles. Elastic bands, hairpins, and other decorative ornaments, in their opinion, only spoil the overall look.

Perfume for all occasions. One of the most important parts of every French girl's everyday look is the scent. They select them according to their mood or situation. Leaving the house without perfume for them is the same as leaving the house naked.

Well, we shouldn't forget that French women accept themselves with all their imperfections, turning them into great advantages, and this is exactly what you should learn from them.

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